Informazioni su attivitą SSTV

Su questa pagina troverete le informazioni che vengono inviate dall'Ariss sull'attività SSTV della ISS.

ARISS SSTV Transmissions DAL 28 DICEMBRE 2019 AL 01 GENNAIO 2020

ARISS will be supporting SSTV transmissions worldwide in memory of cosmonauts Alexei Leonov, Valery Bykovsky and Sigmund Jaehn.

The transmissions are scheduled from December 28, 2019, starting at 11:00 UTC, until January 1, 2020 at 18:20 UTC when the system is scheduled for shutdown.

Transmissions will be on the standard frequency of 145.800 MHz and in the PD 120 format.

The Polish ARISS Team prepared an award for participants to this SSTV experiment. Please see

Many thanks to ARISS Russia for setting up this worldwide SSTV event.

Season's Greetings !


Gaston Bertels ON4WF